by Keyan from St. Ignatius

(Presented at a reading held on Dec. 18, 2015)

Going inside the cave is dark at first.
Then, when you get deeper in the cave
it gets darker and darker. It goes pitch back,
you hear the laughter of kids, you’re scared.
What should you do? You keep running.
You see light. “BANG,” you hit a dead end.
The ground shakes. When you run back
where you came from there is no exit.
You hear a cry of a woman, flash of blood
and bones flying. You yell for help.
The walls have blood. You hear more screaming
and laughing. You cry really, really hard.
It’s pitch black again. You faint for 4 minutes.
Bang, bang, there is light. A man comes to help.
When you see him you look all around and
all you see is rock wet from your tears. When you
told him what happened he didn’t believe you.