The Dance (inspired by collaboration with Ballet Beyond Borders)

by Charlie, Dixon School

I see, a graceful swan skipping
on water. Then it’s dark, then
you see a volume of shadows
prancing like a grasshopper.
Then I see two strings,
forming into a knot, then
they let go making the
shadows come alive to
apart where they have to
let go. Then war happens,
making the volume of the
beat through everyone’s heart
“Boom” like an explosion
making the shadows
disappear, then all you hear
is a dancing spear
swapping through the wind,
making peaceful clouds of
thought. But then you see
the graceful swan
skipping or the grasshopper
prancing, or the string forming
into a knot then letting
go. Because you know you can
conquer what you
want in life,
so do that.