Poetry Is

A group poem by Sharon Jones 4th Grade, Lewis & Clark School

Poetry is the meadowlark and poetry is the monster under my bed
Poetry is a pump of life, the sparks dancing around the fire
Poetry can be cold as the north wind and a lonely cave at night
Poetry swirls and paints the wind
Poetry is the soul opening inside
Poetry is floating asteroids
Poetry is like super glue stuck to my mind
Poetry is the wonderless nobody
Poetry is the thief of itself
Poetry is snow in my pillow
Poetry is the air we breathe, the sand, land, and living things
Poetry is a push in life. It shocks you
Poetry is your hand itching to write
Poetry is my silent shout
Poetry calls my name
Poetry is beauty on the tip of the word
Poetry is waiting to be written
Poetry makes you pop. Once you’ve started, you can’t stop
Poetry is racing me across my words
Poetry is waiting to be written