Sand Dollar

“DSC_0530”by matthew mclalin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

by Kat, a 4th-grader from Russell School

He gave me a snowglobe,
nothing special
not an expensive cloth
or a plastic toy,
but only a glittery snowglobe
from Nashville.

She gave me a box
of thin sand dollars,
texture of sandpaper
and colors like
white and beige.

He gave me a lesson
on how to play
on how to bat
and how to pitch,
the reminder of the ball
on my loose tooth.

He gave me the reminder of imagination
when we made a snowman battle ground
and a dragon egg out of much snow.

She gave me a worn doll
to remember her by,
her well-loved princess doll
we would play with at
Primrose Preschool
just before she moved
and still years
the doll lays in my closet.

He gave me the courage
to do what I want to,
to be who I want to
letting me know there’s
always someone who cares
for me
and always someone
who will sit and listen.