12592556_10153795451589693_4902453031533196981_nby Corin from Sussex School

First a glob of peanut butter,
then four more,
then another.

Then one cup of baby powder.
Then a laundry tote of flour.
Spill it all on the floor –
then start to make some more.

Next batch goes on your dog’s back
The third, you eat for a snack.

Start a new recipe of dirt and glue.
Throw it out the window
and see if it flew.

Then three tons of toilet papers
cover your house and your neighbor’s.

Then flush the potty 73 times.
Then cover the walls with squiggly lines.

Put soapy water on the floor.
And wait for your mother to come through the door.

You hear footsteps on the porch.
Looking out the window, your stomach takes a lurch.

A handsome man stands there,
wearing a lot of fancy wear.

He has a black business suit with an extra layer.
Oops you forgot, your mom invited over the mayor.