The Clark Fork River by Aubrey, Paxson 4th Grade

I live next to the Clark Fork. At night, the sound of the water crashing on the smooth,
slimy rocks acts like a lullaby. Every morning I have a temptation to go there, but my
mom says it’s too dangerous right now. In the summer I am free to go even though I have
a pool, I want to go to the river. We would hike every day in the summer and swim in it.
Every time my mom says it’s time to get out my dad has to drag me out. I taste the air
sometimes I say if it’s sweet it’s going to be a good days, if it is bitter it’s going to be a bad
day. I see birds chirping and squirrels running. I listen to the mice scurrying and the birds
chirping and I go swimming. I feel the slimy rocks and the moss between my toes. THE

The Clark Fork River