This poem was read by  Arlee 5th grader Trevor at the annual reading at Salish and Kootenai College on November 19th:

the stars can lead you to
where you want to go
but they can take you away
they can push you up
they can pull you down
the stars are helpful
and not forgiving
some can love some can hate
some can make you fly
some can take everything away
some stars are just stars
some stars need help
some stars give health
some stars hide
some stars make you do big things
some stars make you think you are nothing
some stars fly
some stars stay a little while
some stars trap you
some stars free you
some stars pull you where you shouldn’t be
some stars take you away from somewhere
some stars will you to destroy the world
some stars will protect you from that
some stars want to be your friend
some stars want to be mean to you
don’t be that kind of person
be nice
be loving
be forgiving
be good
don’t be mean