With Nature, Naturally

by Sonja

Step outside onto an old cracked porch. Wind
whistles through tall grasses. Spring across
the mountain meadow lying before you. Disappear
into the trees standing tall before you.

Don’t call. Be Quiet. Listen for the chirping
of Mountain Blue Birds. Feel the cool air brushing
off the small stream’s surface. Now do you see me
sitting on a small wooden bridge overseeing the water?

No? Look up to the towering trees. See me standing,
knees scuffed and bruised, observing sildownloadently
as a bear nudges her cub to the water.

If you don’t see me there, travel to the mountain
looming over you. Hike. Climb. Smell the pine trees
guarding the summit. Now you see me, a silhouette
against the setting sun. My dog runs beside me
as I spring to my fort among trees.