I Am From

by Rhiannon EagleSpeakerBrowning Montana

Browning, Montana, where Indians roam the town,
where every little arrow shoots in the sky.
I’m the Yellow flower on the tippy-top of the mountain
in Glacier Park. Where otters turn into women
and men. Where the spirits of life begin again.
I am from where we hunt bison.
I am from where we are in the wilderness.
We take care of each other and never stand down.
I am from where we take care of animals.
I live in the tepee that takes care of us.
Where I leave sometimes changes.
I am from where the eagle speaking chief,
my great-grandfather, is the chief of the herd.
I am from where we dance around the fire.
I am from where we see stars in the sky.
I am from where we make our clothes.
I am from the special music we make.