Poetry Month 2022: “Our Towns” Poetry Exhibit, Student Readings, and Date Night


In 2022, MWC writers and students created place poems that tell creative, moving, and often hilarious stories about their towns. The result is a stunning collection of poems highlighting 13 rural, tribal, and town schools in western Montana. To celebrate Poetry Month, these poems were artfully designed by Eileen Chants and displayed at the Missoula Public Library and the Missoula Art Museum, with a student reading at the MAM marking the end of Poetry Month on April 30.

Other poetry month events included a showing of Paterson at The Roxy Theater and “Iambic Gintameters” available at Montgomery Distillery for a perfect date night combination, along with “The Rocky Road Less Taken” at Big Dipper Ice Cream.

A selection of “Our Towns” poems, images from the library and gallery displays, and the full lineup of 2022 events can be viewed in the gallery below.